Is There A Secret To Better Sales?

There are countless books, blogs and motivational speakers who claim to have found the secret to increasing sales. Entrepreneurs can waste countless hours and endless amounts of money chasing a trick, foolproof method or 10-step program that claims it will automatically grant an uptick in sales and increase in profits. These claims are tempting, but sales doesn’t have to be as complicated as many “experts” make it to be. In truth, sales is about people and relationships, not profits and products.

salesSuccess in sales largely depends on making a connection and building a relationship with potential customers. Instead of approaching a potential sale like an object, be genuine and passionate about the derived benefits of your goods and services. If you genuinely believe that your product will positively impact a person’s life and feel passionate about your offerings, people will pay attention. When a person is treated like a means to an end, or rather a means to a paycheck, it’s a turnoff. Customers and clients tend to patronize businesses that treat them like valued human beings, not walking dollar signs.

salesYou’ve heard the old saying, “Listen twice as much as you speak”. While this is great advice for life in general, it could be crucial to your success in sales. The majority of consumers are inundated with hundreds, and maybe even thousands, of advertisements throughout the week. How can you make your sales pitch stand out over the noise? LISTEN. People are used to being “talked at”. Ask questions, be attentive to the response and remember what you’ve heard. Work hard to improve your listening skills, and don’t jump to conclusions. Whether you realize it or not, these small efforts can have a HUGE impact when trying to close a sale.

Ultimately, it is critically important to remember that sales is, first and foremost, about people. Potential customers and clients may not remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel. A radical people-first approach could be the key to a radical turnaround in your lagging sales.

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