Scientists Confirm That Telecommuters Really Are More Productive

Science has spoken, and there is good news for the owners of online businesses: working at home is actually more productive than wiling away the hours at an office. Stanford University came to this conclusion after comparing two groups of workers against a base of approximately 12,000 employees at an overseas travel agency.

Researchers divided a total of 508 employees into two groups, giving one group the green light to start working from home while sending the other group back to the workplace. Each employee’s work was then monitored, with factors including hours worked, phone calls answered and overall productiveness. Non-work factors, such as happiness, were also included in the study.

So, what were the final results? When it came to productiveness, the telecommuters blew their commuting counterparts out of the water. The study concluded that the telecommuting group was happier and more productive while working at home and that they were even less likely to quit. With the cost of training a new employee, business owners might be especially happy to learn of the benefits that workers can get just from being allowed to work within the comfort of their own homes.

Of course, there are many telecommuters who do not work solely from their homes. Some employees still go into work a few days a week and telecommute on the others, while other employees might be full-time telecommuters who prefer to set up base at their favorite coffee shops or cafés. Although this study did not examine that aspect of telecommuting, it is fairly reasonable to assume that telecommuting might be less about being at home and more about working in an environment that makes an employee feel comfortable and relaxed.

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