Resume Writing Tips For Freelancer Workers


When you’re a freelancer, creating a resume that shows your talents can be challenging. You may not be able to list specific dates when your employment starts or ends because you work with many clients and your timing could be sporadic. But just because you work in a non-traditional way, doesn’t mean you can’t create a resume that shows your talents and experience. It may not look like a standard resume, but if it looks professional and is well-executed, it will do the job of presenting you to future clients or employers. 

What to include in your freelance resume

If you’re writing your resume with a particular job opportunity in mind, be sure to tailor the information based on that job. Employers or clients want data that shows your past work experience related to the position you’re applying for. Include anything in your work history that could be related to the position. 


As a freelancer, you may have concerns about who is best to use for references. If you’ve not had traditional employment for several years or longer, you can use clients or other freelancers you’ve worked with as references. Include people who you have a good working relationship with and who have enough knowledge of your skills so they can speak highly of you as a worker. 

How best to sell yourself

Your resume is usually the first contact you have with a potential client. It’s important to lead with a strong objective that shows what you can do. Market yourself as a freelancer, which shows that you have the determination to get things independently. Showcase your skills in a concise and direct way that tells a potential client what you’re capable of. 

A good resume can open the door to many opportunities, which is especially valuable to freelancers who are looking for new clients. Your resume can be a useful tool when you want to get into a different writing niche, or you have the time and desire to take on more work. While your resume as a freelancer may not look like a traditional resume, it can still be an effective way to show your skills and experience to potential clients. 

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