Resolutions For A New Business Year

Now that the holidays are over, people are beginning to pack up their holiday decorations and think about the new year. For many, this means tossing out the Christmas cookies and pledging to lose 15 pounds. For others, it means setting a personal goal to be more organized, read more, try new things or scores of other similar self-improvement promises. Many of these goals go unmet, perhaps because of a lack of discipline or unrealistic expectations.

While personal New Year’s resolutions may not ever come to fruition, it can be beneficial for a business owner to take the dawn of a new year as an opportunity to outline specific and attainable goals for the next twelve months. Entering 2015 with a list of goals is a simple but powerful way to get a running start in January. As the calendar rolls over, consider some, or all, of the following as suggested New Year’s resolutions for business:

  • We will meet the needs of our customers: What are your customers telling you? Find out where help is needed and meet that need. This may seem overly simplistic, but sometimes, it is useful to strip away unneeded complications and simply evaluate the real, tangible needs of clients.
  • We will evaluate our marketing strategy: Are you expecting different results while doing the same thing that has always been done? Make it a goal to closely and honestly evaluate every aspect of a marketing plan. Even a minor change can breathe life into a stagnant business.
  • We will try one new thing this year: Setting resolutions for the new year can motivate a business to step into new territory. Introducing a new product or getting a business on social media may be some basic, yet surprisingly effective, goals.
  • We will take steps to improve our product: Sometimes, it may be necessary to look to third-party experts for marketing improvement, search engine optimization (SEO) or even effective blogging strategies. Resolve to do whatever it takes to gain a competitive edge and make improvements–both existing and potential clients will notice.

This is the perfect time of year to reflect on what a business has accomplished in the past year. It is also an opportune time to determine how to capitalize on past success and continue to move forward. Fortunately, this is not something that must be done alone. Our company understands how to help businesses make attainable goals, prioritize these goals and do whatever it takes to succeed.

When a business owner, operator or manager is considering the new year ahead, it is important to outline goals. If making a New Year’s resolution is important on a personal level, imagine what a New Year’s resolution can do for a small business. Write it down, seek accountability or reach out for help. Unlike the new gym members who give up on their weight-loss resolutions in mid-February, it is possible to succeed in meeting these goals throughout the entire year, with the right help and motivation.



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