Resiliency Is Required For Success


The last two years have presented significant challenges for every business in every type of industry. Resiliency and tenacity has been a necessary part of surviving the challenges of the COVID era, but these are also traits that will continue to be necessary for success in the years ahead. Things will continue to change, and even the new normal will continue to fluctuate. It is critical to plan now for the unexpected.

Businesses that made it through the last two years likely had to make sharp adjustments in a very short amount of time. Shifting operations online, working remotely, offering curbside pick-up and other creative measures allowed many companies to be profitable during a difficult time. While many things are returning to normal, it will still be important to be able to pivot quickly. Some ways to prepare for the next set of unexpected circumstances include:

• Plan ahead, and have these plans written down and easily accessible.
• Evaluate what worked for you in the past, and make adjustments as needed.
• Work on your website, and build engagement through social media.
• Plan for ways for employees to work if operations need to drastically change.
• Ask your customers for feedback on your business operations during COVID.
• Get everyone involved when making a strong contingency plan.
• Remain positive, even when planning for negative events.
• Start saving now so that you have a financial cushion in case you need it.

While the future is unpredictable, you can take steps now that will allow you to face an unknown possibility with confidence. No one fully understood the extent to which COVID would affect our lives, but now you know what will be required if something like that happens again. Plan now for how you will achieve continued success even in the midst of disruptions and unexpected events.

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