Remove Your Motivation Roadblocks

While everyone has jumped head first into their resolutions for the new year, do you find your find yourself sitting on the sidelines, watching everyone pursue their goals with determination? The “holiday hangover” is a real thing, and can leave you sluggish and unmotivated at a time when you need to be active and intentional. Instead of letting the first few weeks of the new year pass you by, take some time to remove the obstacles that are standing in the way of your motivation.

Are you still exhausted from the holidays? Get some rest. It seems overly simple, but just getting a good night’s sleep can improve your outlook and give you focus. When well rested, you will think clearly and be more motivated to pursue the goals that you have laid out for 2016. Tiredness is an often overlooked motivation roadblock.

Are you overwhelmed by your to-do list? If you want to keep your resolutions, you have to know where to start. Lack of organization is a major roadblock for motivation. Outline your goals and prioritize tasks. The benefits of delegation and a good day planner cannot be understated–if you aren’t motivated to charge into the new year with passion for your business goals, disorganization may be to blame.

Do you have a clear vision for your life or business in 2016? Without a vision and goals, there is nothing to propel you forward, motivating you to push your limits and seek positive results. Take the time to plan your year–list your goals, write down your overarching vision for your business or personal life, and make a list of workable tasks. For some, it is useful to consult with a professional business strategist regarding your 2016 plan. A carefully crafted strategy may be the key to unlocking the excitement and motivation you have been missing.

The first week of 2016 is already over. Today is the day to remove any roadblocks standing in the way of you and a year’s worth of positive, profitable results.

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