Real Entrepreneurs vs. Impersonators

Think you have what it takes to sling it with other entrepreneurs in the world of online business? While all entrepreneurs and business owners are individuals who are, of course, somewhat different, in general, they do all share many business-positive characteristics. Before you establish your own dot com business, take a look at what sets real entrepreneurs apart from everyone else.


  • Real entrepreneurs want to live their purpose in business.
  • Impersonators want to make a quick buck.


  • Real entrepreneurs are concerned with their customers and their needs.
  • Impersonators are not even sure who their customers are.


  • Real entrepreneurs care about the quality of their products and services.
  • Impersonators do not give much thought to this aspect of their products.


  • Real entrepreneurs are careful to build the best and most positive team possible.
  • Impersonators have employees who are not the best fit.


The takeaway? Entrepreneurs are totally and completely committed to their purpose, their idea and their business. They are not focused solely on the profit side of the business but also on the entirety of it, including on those who might be affected most by it — the customers and employees.

It is time to shred the image of a scowling business owner in an expensive suit. Entrepreneurs who run and own successful, thriving businesses understand what it takes to survive both online and in person. Empathetic, caring and purpose-driven, real entrepreneurs succeed in environments where the impersonator will almost surely fail.

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