Questions For Copywriters To Ask New Clients


When you’re working with a new client as a copywriter, it’s important to understand exactly what the client wants. By asking the right questions, you can create content that helps your client reach their goals. It’s helpful to do some research on your client before you consult with them about the job, so you know more about what they do and their target market. 

Asking the right questions

Know what your client expects of you, especially when it comes to how many articles they want and how much time you have to complete each assignment. Ask if they have samples from previous projects that they want you to emulate. Be sure to know if there is any information that must be included or excluded in each article. Your client should be able to tell you the demographics of their target audience, which can help you when you’re creating content to engage that audience. Be sure to have defined expectations so you know exactly what your client wants.

Ask for feedback

No one enjoys getting negative feedback, but learning from your errors can greatly improve your skills as a copywriter. Be sure your client knows you’re open to all feedback, whether positive or negative and give them an opportunity to provide immediate feedback, as well as a long-term assessment based on how well your content accomplished their goals. You may wish to send your clients surveys or polls with general questions about your work to better understand what they liked and what they thought should be changed. 

The goal of a good copywriter is to sell their clients’ products, ideas, or services. When working with a new client, it’s important to understand their goals and their target market. Ask questions so you’re aware of what they expect. Once you submit your work, ask for feedback, and use it to make the changes needed to improve your work. 

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