Preparing Yourself To Have A Difficult Conversation

There are certain things that are simply not easy or comfortable to talk about. Whether you need to discuss something uncomfortable with a customer, employee or someone else, it’s important for you to know how to navigate these types of conversations. It is possible to learn how to have less-than-comfortable discussions in a way that allows you to communicate your concerns both intentionally and respectfully. You may dread this type of conversation, but with preparation and practice, you don’t have to be afraid of it anymore.

One thing that may help is identifying your purpose for the conversation. When you understand why the conversation has to happen, it can help you understand the best way to proceed. After this, you can start planning for how you want to walk through the course of the conversation. Where will it take place? How will you lead into difficult parts? How do you think the person will react to the conversation? When you think through and mentally prepare for every aspect of the situation, you should be able to have more control over how the discussion plays out.

It is critical as you prepare for an uncomfortable meeting or conversation to think about ways you can also show respect to the other party. It’s possible to say things directly while also maintaining your professionalism. Depending on your purpose for the conversation, you may want to ask questions and try to reach a mutual understanding. Be willing to listen, and be willing to see things from another perspective. You can still communicate your point while showing a certain amount of respect and compassion.

If you are putting off a difficult conversation because you’re dreading the awkwardness, it’s time to learn how to face these situations head-on. These types of discussions won’t magically become easier or better, but you will be more capable of communicating your point and seeking a beneficial outcome to your concerns.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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