Practical Stategies For Boosting Facebook Engagement

One of the main reasons for businesses to be on Facebook is to engage with their customers. If you’ve been on Facebook for awhile and have noticed your engagement has dropped, or if you’ve never been intentional about how you use Facebook, you’re wasting a great opportunity. It’s worth the effort to boost your engagement and take full advantage of this free social media platform.

The intent of being on Facebook as a business is to connect with your followers. This connection can help you build brand recognition and develop customer loyalty. Through Facebook, you should strive to educate, inspire or entertain. When you frame your posts for this purpose, you will find that it increases engagement with your followers.

If you want to boost engagement with potential customers and followers, it might be beneficial to keep your posts short. When people scroll through their Facebook newsfeeds, they don’t always want to stop and read a multi-paragraph post. Assume your followers have short attention spans, at least when it comes to Facebook. If you want likes or comments, keep it short and interesting.

Another tip for boosting engagement on Facebook is to use images or videos. Visually interesting posts will be more likely to garner attention and get responses. When you get to know your audience over time, you will learn what they respond to and figure out how to incorporate images in an effective way.

Finally, one of the simplest yet most effective ways to boost engagement with your Facebook followers is to ask questions. Take polls or ask questions that are interesting or funny — you don’t always have to post serious or business-related posts to have a strong Facebook following.

Facebook is a free and invaluable marketing tool for businesses. Don’t waste your opportunity to reap all the benefits this platform can offer your company. Implement changes and take steps to boost engagement — it’s a worthwhile effort to increase exposure.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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