Positive Engagement On Social Media

For all the benefits of social media, it is also the source of many issues for society and culture at large. When hiding behind a computer screen, people can say whatever they feel without measuring the true impact of their words. On social media, a sense of decorum is often completely lost, and one unfortunate post can have devastating consequences for an individual or business.

Due to the fickle nature of dealing with customers and potential customers online, it is important for businesses to understand how to maintain positive engagement on every social media platform. One way to do this is to acknowledge legitimate concerns without stooping to arguments with impossible-to-please customers. It can be difficult to ignore the “trolls,” but it shows an element of professionalism when a business stays calm and classy when dealing with an unhappy individual through social media.

Another way to maintain positive engagement is to carefully control social media posts. Any articles or blogs shared should be thoughtfully reviewed to ensure that they are not needlessly offensive. One unfortunate post can lead to a hailstorm of negative feedback–avoid this by thinking twice before hitting “post”.

Did you post something incorrect or handle a social media confrontation poorly? Apologize! A heartfelt apology and honest explanation can go along way toward moving past an unfortunate incident as fast as possible. Social media has a short memory–handle problems quickly and move on.

It takes an intentional effort to maintain positive interaction with customers on social media. It is a worthwhile endeavor as social media continues to be one the main ways that potential customers connect with businesses and find solutions to their consumer needs.

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