Pokémon And Your Business: An Augmented Reality Opportunity?


In what may be one of the most bizarre comebacks in pop culture history, a company has recently released an app called Pokémon GO that has people running around their towns, wandering into random businesses and teaming up with complete strangers. All this is for the sake of capturing animated creatures that exist in an augmented reality universe seen on a user’s phone screen.

If you have no idea what this means, you are not alone. However, there are millions (yes, millions) of people who are engaged with the Pokémon GO app for several hours every day—but what in the (real) world does this have to do with your small business? According to Forbes, there are some businesses that have found a way to take this craze and turn it into more foot traffic in their stores and, as a result, more profit.

Businesses can sign up for this game and find out if their location is a desired stop (a PokéStop or Pokémon Gym). Users use their GPS system and their phone’s camera to “hunt” creatures, stock up on game accessories and find other game tools that could be hiding in your business. Signing up is easy, and businesses across the country have discovered that they can lure people in with creative Pokémon advertisements and other game-related tactics.Pokemon

As with any other trend, Pokémon GO will eventually fade and another fad will take its place. Participating in this phenomenon may not be possible for your place of business, but do you think that there are other ways that your company can leverage trends and other cultural fads to generate more business? In some cases, playing along may just help you engage a whole new clientele in the real world, not just in an augmented reality.

What do you think? Will your business participate in Pokémon GO, or will you sit this craze out?

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