Plan Ahead To Save On Your Summer Vacation


Early spring is the perfect time to begin planning your summer vacation. With the costs of many things rising, you may want to find ways to save money on your trip. Gas costs are up, and that leads to many other prices increasing, which can mean you might have to pay significantly more for your vacation this year. But if you plan ahead, and carefully consider your location and the activities you want to do, you can save money and still enjoy your family vacation.

Travel closer to home

With the cost of gas continuing to rise, you may benefit from choosing a travel destination closer to home if you plan on driving. Think of touristy areas that are less than 2-3 hours from your home. If you can’t think of anything, ask friends and family for nearby recommendations, or look online at travel websites to find attractions closer to home.

Ask for discounts

When you decide on a destination, you can benefit from booking your lodging early. Many hotels and rental agencies will offer discounts if you book early, though you may have to agree to certain restrictions like no cancellations. Also, be sure to ask if they offer discount tickets to local attractions. You can also sign up for discounts from restaurants and popular tourist destinations in the area, and they will often email you discount codes, especially if you buy tickets early.

Don’t overlook outdoor fun

Amusement parks and other expensive attractions can be fun but visiting them may take up most of your travel budget. State and national parks offer budget-friendly travel locations, and many provide plenty to do so you never have to leave the park. Camping onsite can also save money and you may be able to choose from tent camping or staying in a park cabin.

Family vacations make for lifetime memories, but as things get more expensive, you may be looking for ways to travel on a tighter budget. Planning is always important if you want to spend less on vacation. Book your lodging early and deal directly with the hotel or rental agency to find discounts on local attractions and to get the best price. Consider vacationing closer to home and look at parks and other outdoor attractions to save on your entire trip.

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