Plan A Unique Spring Break Trip

spring break

Spring break is a popular time to travel for families, couples and singles. But the popularity of spring break vacations means that many of the most popular destinations, most notably beach destinations, are usually crowded during spring break weeks. Spring break travel can go beyond beach stays, as there are so many other unique destinations you can visit during the early weeks of spring. These unique destinations may be more affordable, and they will likely also be less crowded.

Visit a local city

You don’t have to travel far to find plenty of spring break activities. Many people live near bustling cities, but don’t take the time to truly explore everything the area has to offer. By spending time in a city, you can take advantage of the walkability by exploring everything near your place of lodging. Choose a historical or boutique hotel for an authentic experience. To save money, you can find cheaper lodging outside the city and take advantage of local public transportation. Some attractions may even offer discounts for locals, and you’re likely to find some restaurants or fun things to do that you weren’t even aware of.

Plan a road trip

A true road trip, where the destination isn’t as important as the stops along the way, can be fun for families with older kids who don’t mind long car rides. When planning a road trip, be sure to drive through scenic areas rather than staying on the highways which can be boring and don’t really allow you to see the area. Stop at local restaurants along the way, plan a picnic at a national park and find off-the-beaten-path attractions that you normally wouldn’t consider stopping at.

Go glamping

Not everyone enjoys camping, but glamping is something that even the most indoorsy person can have fun with. Glamping usually means you have access to electricity, running water, private bathrooms and the internet. Plus, you can likely choose from a fancy tent or cabin as your lodging option. Glamping allows you to enjoy the outdoors while still having access to basic amenities.

Spring break is a popular travel time, especially for beaches. But there are better options for spring break travel if you want to avoid the crowds. Consider exploring a local city, taking a family road trip or glamping at a beautiful outdoor location. These trips aren’t your typical spring break vacation, but they are sure to be enjoyable for travelers of all ages.

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