Was Your Pitch Rejected? Here’s Why You Should Keep Trying.


Your dream and your vision for your business are what drive you, but not everyone is going to share your passion and level of enthusiasm for what you hope to do. This can be painfully evident when you pitch an idea or try to close a sale with an investor or customer, only to come away empty handed and slightly embarrassed. Rejection stings, no matter who you are, and when you put significant time, effort and emotion into a pitch only have it fall flat….well, it isn’t fun.

There is the good news here: many of the best business ideas were first rejected, and some were even rejected multiple times. It may seem counterintuitive, but a rejection doesn’t mean you have a bad idea; it just means that you haven’t found the right investor or client yet. This is especially true if you are pitching an idea that’s novel and brand new. In fact, what were some of the most laughable ideas in the beginning have turned into some of the most recognizable brands and business on the planet. From Walt Disney to Bill Gates, many of the most successful people used the word “no” as a catalyst for more motivation, more inspiration and, eventually, more success.

Chances are, you will face a “no” at some point. Your pitch will not always land, and you will not always close a sale. Even when the stakes are incredibly high, do not let one bad pitch cause you to abandon a good idea. If you believe strongly in what you are doing, you simply have to keep fighting. You may hear 99 people say “no” before you hear one say “yes”, but it only takes one. So, while you may feel like abandoning ship and moving on to something easier and proven, keep trying. Pitch it again—you may just hear that “yes” today.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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