Picking the Right Investments to Grow Your Wealth

As your business begins to grow and thrive, you maybe ecstatic at the sudden appearance of investment opportunities that seem ripe for the picking. Before you dive headfirst into every opportunity that is offered, consider that this may not actually be themost appropriate strategy toward continuing to building wealth.

Selecting the right investment opportunities can be looked at much like a pick-your-own strawberry patch. When you grab your bucket and head out into the field, do you stop at the first several rows? Probably not, because any that are left on the vine are typically not ripe yet, and the juicy, plump ones were already all plucked by earlier visitors.

So you keep going, walking back row after row until you find the rows with the strawberries worth picking. When you look back at the entrance, you may notice that you traveled much farther than you initially anticipated, but one look at the ruby red strawberries reminds you that it was a well worth the extra effort.

As tempting as it may be to accept the first investment opportunity that comes along, make sure you remember the strawberry patch. Spend your time examining the various opportunities and do not be afraid to pass up offers that will cost more than what they are worth or that do not serve your business’ needs or purpose. While you may end up with relatively small percentage of investments compared to the ones that you were offered, remember that it is far better to have a handful of wonderful, ripe strawberries than a whole bucket of green ones.

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