Make That Call: The Power Of Personal Communication


Thanks to a rapid progression in technology, we are in the midst of a communication revolution. And, while there are many amazing advances now in the hands of the average consumer, it could be having a negative impact on the way businesses interact with customers and clients. We are now in an era, a crisis even, in which people would rather communicate with others in every way imaginable, except by phone call. Most people prefer texts to phone calls, and, while this is fine for one’s personal life, it’s critical to understand that personal communication should still be playing a major role in business and marketing.

Okay, I get it. Phone calls can be weird. It can be awkward, especially if you don’t know the person or need to maintain some semblance of professionalism. An email or text would be easier and less anxiety inducing, but there are many cases in which a person’s voice is much more effective than any written word could be. Communication is a critical part of any business, but the vast cultural changes regarding communication often have people leaning toward an easier way to reach out– via email or text.

A phone call can seem terrible, and, sometimes, it may be downright uncomfortable to say what you need to say over the phone, but the act of using your own voice to say these things proves this: you’re invested in what you are doing, you’re prepared to answer questions and you are not intimidated by silence on the line (pretend you’re not, even if you are). Sometimes, old school methods are more productive than any of the new bells and whistles.

Next time you are about to email or text, ask yourself if it could be better communicated by a phone call. With practice, or sheer determination, you can develop the habit of better, more personal communication. Don’t be afraid to use your voice — it’s one of your most powerful tools.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC
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