Who are you?

This is an understandably difficult question to answer, and it is one that even philosophers still toil over. Is a person a collection of cells, an assortment of memories stored in the brain or much, much more?

The truth is that each person will have to define that for him or herself, but most philosophers do tend to agree on one thing:

To know your purpose, you must first know yourself.

This might seem easier said than done, but we can break down part of discovering who you are into components. For instance:

  • Your passion
  • Your desire
  • Your strengths

At the intersection of these components is you, and within you, your purpose. Admittedly, most people have more than one passion and desire, which is what so often leads people to question what their purpose in life is meant to be. A closer look usually reveals that multiple passions and desires do not necessarily have to conflict with one another. A passion for art and nature can coincide with the desire to accumulate wealth or start a business.

Where people tend to stray is when they head toward only one passion or goal rather than digging deep for a purpose that will accommodate every aspect of themselves. For those who are still struggling with their purpose and, indeed, with themselves, take a moment to consider if you are respecting all aspects of your desires, passions and strengths, or if you have left important aspects of yourself out.

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