Paths to Finding a Purpose Can Be as Unique as Fingerprints

It is one thing to discuss what role a person’s purpose should play in a successful business, but it is another to actually witness a successful entrepreneur put those words into action.

The Next Web’s founder, Boriz Veldhuijzen van Zanten, was, unfortunately, mislabeled as a stupid or lazy student when he was young. In reality, he was simply suffering from dyslexia. Even after he was diagnosed, he struggled in school and felt as though he never truly belonged. With his parent’s blessing to drop out of high school, van Zanten decided to follow his passion for juggling to circus school. Instead of floundering behind the material as he had in traditional school, he excelled. His bravery to follow his passion led to a college degree cum laude and a thriving Internet business.

For another man, being an entrepreneur was his purpose. Even as a small child, Edward Wimmer understood how to make money from doing what he loved — creating new business ventures. Eventually,his love of running and of entrepreneurship met face-to-face, and he and his father co-founded RoadID. Both father and son found a much deeper purpose through the creation of this company. They discovered a passion to help save lives.

Each individual on this Earth is wonderfully unique in his or her own way, and the path to discovering a true purpose will be different for everyone. For some, a passion in life might set them on an exciting road to a successful business. Others might think that they already understand their purpose, but time spent behind the helm of a business could reveal that they were meant for something even greater.

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