Overwhelmed? It’s Time for a Break

The work days might feel like they never end in the early days of a start-up. Days spent at the computer desk can easily blend into nights, and, unfortunately, some nights can blend right on into the mornings. While all that work can seem productive on the outside, a step back and a careful review of productivity can help some business owners come to a shocking realization — that they are less productive than ever.

Sound familiar? Then it might be time to step away for a breather. Here’s how:

Schedule breaks. There’s a reason that employment law mandates breaks for workers after so many hours. Even without a set schedule, try setting an alarm every four hours while you work. When the alarm goes off, take 10 minutes to walk around, grab a drink of water or just get outside for a breath of fresh air. Doing this will help your mind relax, making it easier to focus when you get back to work.

Take lunch. It can be mighty tempting to eat lunch at your desk, but this can be a bad idea for more than one reason. Mindlessly eating in front of a screen can lead to eating larger helpings and have a negative effect on your waistline. Additionally, lunch time gives you the time to break away from work and gather yourself. Read a book or grab a 15-minute snooze after you finish eating.

Just because you set your own hours and wear the hat of multiple positions does not mean that working yourself to death is necessary. In all reality, this type of behavior can tank productivity, work quality and can even be bad for your health. Keep your body and mind as sharp as possible for both your business and yourself by taking a break whenever necessary.

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