Overemployment Can Be A Problem When Seeking Freelance Work


Freelancers often go through times where work is scarce, which can lead to searching for work elsewhere. In some cases, freelancers have the freedom to take on as much work as they wish without facing any issues with current clients. Others though should be concerned about overemployment, which can lead to conflicts with current clients. If you’re employed full-time in a traditional job, you may also have concerns about how your boss would react to you seeking gig work on the side. Understanding overemployment, and the issues that can arise from it, can help prevent you from losing clients or losing your job.

What is overemployment?

Overemployment is often associated with people who work more than one full-time job. But freelance workers can also be impacted by overemployment. When it comes to gig work, you may be considered overemployed if your side hustle is preventing you from doing your main job properly or preventing you from completing tasks for your current clients. Taking time and energy away from your full-time job or your current clients can prevent you from being able to perform your work as intended, leading to subpar results.

When does it become an issue?

Overemployment usually becomes a problem when it interferes with your main job. If you’re a freelancer, you may run into problems if you take on new clients that could be considered competition to your regular clients. Employers or clients may consider overemployment to be a deceptive practice, especially if you have a contract that includes provisions that could prevent you from working elsewhere while you hold your current position. When seeking gig work, be sure to be aware of the contracts you have with your clients or employer, so you don’t face issues in the future. 

Struggling to make ends meet may require you to look for additional work elsewhere. Before doing so, it’s important to be aware of any problems that could arise with your employer or current clients if they consider you to be overemployed. From a personal standpoint, overemployment can also affect your physical and mental wellbeing. Weigh the risks and rewards before deciding whether taking on a side gig is the right choice. 

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