One Lunch Hour To A Better, More Productive You

lunch hour
Do you ever skip lunch? Do you ever find yourself scarfing down a sandwich at your computer while you frantically try to catch up on email? For many of us, the lunch hour is optional and often used as an extra hour to squeeze in more work when we need to catch up.

You may think that you are saving time by working through that hour of the day, but it will eventually catch up with you. Your body is designed with a need for rest, and not just your physical body, but the mind as well. The lunch hour should be a mental retreat from work, not a time to squeeze in even more work. If you feel stressed, are navigating a particularly stressful or busy phase in your career or simply function better when you are mentally refreshed, keep your lunch break to what it is meant to be — a break.

Not everyone has an hour to devote to lunch, but, chances are, you have some time that you can set aside for a meal and a break. If you aren’t able to completely get away from things during your lunch break, at least attempt to treat yourself to a small, 15-30 minute escape as close to halfway through your work day as possible. Take a walk. Read a few chapters of a book. Eat your lunch in peace and quiet. Make a phone call. Go to the gym. No matter how busy you are or how much you have on your to-do list, you must protect your mental, emotional and physical well-being.

The habit of taking a real lunch break may be hard to start, but it is a worthwhile and valuable practice. You don’t have to escape to the islands or quit your job to get away, you just need an hour and commitment to a better, more productive you.

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