Offline Marketing: Is It Okay To Use Today?

Offline Marketing

Offline Marketing seems to be a thing of the past. Everything is online these days. From networking to ordering your groceries, it’s all at your fingertips on your phone, your tablet — even your watch. For some, this is ideal, even exciting, as more and more aspects of our lives and businesses can be managed from a computer.

For business owners, the last few years have seen enough changes in the way that social media and the internet are used for marketing and business growth that it makes your head spin. While learning to tap into the benefits of search engine optimization and online marketing is a key component to growth, there are many who long for the days of offline marketing, where a handshake and face-to-face meetings were still the best ways to get things done.

Yes, there has been a distinct and undeniable paradigm shift in the area of marketing. However, there are still plenty of offline and “old fashioned” ways that you can grow your customer base, connect with potential clients and network effectively. For the times when the internet is just not enough, the following suggestions are still beneficial and effective:

• Distribute business cards
• Set up in-person meetings when possible
• Go to events, meet people, shake hands
• Send mail-outs
• Revamp your branding; boost your company’s visual appeal
• Make phone calls
• Participate in community events
• Run in-store specials or set up at local events as a way to meet people

In today’s world, you simply cannot ignore the benefits and practicality of online marketing, but this is not your only option. A carefully maintained balance of the internet and a personal touch is not only a way to humanize your marketing campaign, it will boost appeal and visibility across a wide range of age demographics.

The “old ways” of marketing worked for our dads and granddads, and they can be just as useful today. Use all tools at your disposal to build positive growth and exposure, whether it’s a smile and a handshake or your Facebook account.

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