Off track? Try Getting Reacquainted With Your Purpose

For a significant number of people, staying on task can be one of life’s biggest challenges. Between Facebook, Twitter and easy access to hundreds of movies and TV shows on the Internet, it can sometimes be a marvel that anything gets accomplished. Of course, if your passion is helping businesses engage with their customers through social media then perhaps you are excused from engaging on social media outlets during working hours, but, if not, it may be time to push yourself back on track.

It can be surprisingly easy for your true purpose, the passion that drove you to your work in the first place, to become drowned out by the buzz of daily life. When that happens, will your friend’s tweet about an awesome sale at Target really help you get refocused? Instead of giving in to the impulse to check your email or to watch “just one episode” of your favorite show, take a quiet moment of reflection.

Even if the hubbub and rush of embarking on a new business venture or adjusting your business goals to align more with your personal goals has taken over your life, your true purpose is most likely still somewhere within you. If you feel run over, distracted, frustrated or stressed or have any manner of other things that seem to be holding you back, it might be time to take a much-needed moment of reflection. In a preferably quiet area, close your eyes and remind yourself of your purpose. Have you been true to your purpose and yourself? Are the guiding principles that initially led you to your work still present? If the answer to both of these questions is YES, then all is well to continue on with business as usual. If the answer to either question is NO, then it may be time to make a few changes and get your business back in line with your true purpose.

Working within your own purpose can be one of the most fulfilling adventures in life, but even the most well-intentioned people can eventually lose sight of the path. What may have started out as a profitable or successful endeavor can begin to falter without the purpose-driven push of your passion to keep it on track and to fulfill all of your goals. Luckily, you can think of your purpose as your lifeline — it will always be there to help guide you and your business through both prosperous and difficult times.

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