What NOT To Sacrifice In Pursuit Of Success


Success is not an easily obtained goal. You may only reach your level of desired success after years of hard work, personal sacrifice and sleepless nights. While the value of hard work should never be overlooked, there are certain parts of life that you should never lay down on the altar of your career.

successAt the end of your career or journey to the top, what will you say while looking back over your life? Was it all worth it? Was your success worth the sacrifice of the events, parties and milestones that you may have missed while in pursuit of your entrepreneurial or career-oriented dreams? Jon Acuff, motivational speaker and author, says, “If you build a great business, but lose your family along the way you haven’t built a great business.”

Let’s look at a few areas of life that are often tossed aside when people have work-related tunnel vision. Some of these may be different for you, but some of the things that most often suffer during pursuit of success include:

  • Health
  • Family
  • Relationships
  • Beliefs
  • Interests

If your career or business goals demand that you sacrifice any of the above parts of your life, it may be time to revaluate. These are the things that add richness and beauty to life, and no matter how much money you may have in the bank, if you do not have quality relationships, miss your kids’ younger years or compromise your belief system, you truly do not have anything of worth. Your list may look a little different, and that is fine, but the five or so things that are on your list should be protected above all else.

successMost of us need to work, and a lucky few of us are driven to work by a inner desire to chase dreams and offer the world something of value. Those are honorable motivations, but the key to true success does not lie in how many hours you work, but with the people and things that make life wonderful. Don’t sacrifice the best parts of your life in pursuit of your career goals.

Money is great, but people are better.

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