Not Acting On Your Purpose? You May Want To Reconsider.

So you know what your purpose is, that is great! Now, what are you going to do about it? If you have not asked yourself that question yet, it may be time to start thinking about how you can put your purpose to good use — for yourself and others.


Say your purpose is to help others lead the best lives that they can. You can begin to act on it right away by integrating it into your daily life and your business model. Make sure that the services you provide are actually useful and that they will improve the quality of your customers’ lives. No one wants to shell out hard-earned money for something that will do little, if anything, to benefit them.

If your skill set rests in your ability to design new, innovating products, but your purpose lies with helping people, make sure those products add value to the lives of the end users! If directly serving others is more up your alley, then dedicate your efforts toward not just fulfilling a service but toward enhancing the lives of your clients. For example, a house cleaning can be more than just another service; it can bring joy to the lives of the people who live there because they can focus on attaining their own goals and living their own purposes.


When your services are secured on the foundation of your purpose, your clients and customers will be able to feel and experience the same joy in utilizing your services as you do in providing them.


Never be afraid to question whether a new goal, product or service is aligned with your purpose. Your purpose should always act as a navigator, steering you and your business toward the most fulfilling and rewarding path possible.

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