Negative Nancy Probably Never Found Her Purpose

Still convinced that you will never truly find your purpose? Well, with that attitude, you probably won’t. Admittedly, it can be disheartening to watch friends and loved ones succeed and truly live their passion while still struggling to find your own, but there may be few things in life that can mask a person’s purpose better than the fear that he or she simply does not have one.

Ready to flip the switch on your attitude and discover the purpose for which you should be living? Here are a few tips to get started.

Stop fearing judgment.

Judgment is one thing that most people will never truly escape. Love your new shoes? Well, the lady on the bus thinks they look awful. Ready for that new haircut? Your boss might not like it. And you know what? That is okay! Living your purpose means living for your own sense of self-worth, so go ahead and get those bangs.

Stop living cautiously.

A quick aside, please continue to stop at red lights and look both ways before crossing the road. After all, you know it can be somewhat difficult to start taking new chances if you are not around anymore to take them. Instead of always avoiding risk taking, push forward in life and dare to take new chances! Accept a new job offer or finally get the process rolling for that business you have been dreaming about for years.


Stop doubting yourself.

Remember the first day before starting a new school or job? Chances are you were probably fraught with nerves the night, or even hours, before stepping foot inside. Thoughts of “What if no one likes me?” or “What if I’m not good enough?” might have been bouncing around in your head. There is no guarantee that those worries will ever vanish, but to truly succeed at finding your purpose, you will have to learn how to have enough confidence to do new things and engage in new experiences.

An attitude change might not happen over night, but with some time and dedication, the right attitude can reveal a purpose that has been right there all along.

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