Why You Need A Business Mentor–Even If You Think You Don’t


Mentors can be beneficial for everyone, no matter where they are in life. While mentors are often used as a sounding board and source of information for personal growth and development, many entrepreneurs are finding that they can also benefit from a business mentor. In fact, many business experts would say that having a business mentor is critical, especially in the early days of operations.

mentorBesides having experience with business matters, a mentor should be older, wiser and more experienced than the person seeking his or her help. Mentors act as a sort of sounding board, like a counselor or guide. From marketing decisions to difficult personnel situations, having an ally with whom you can fully discuss these matters is beneficial in that he or she can provide you a wise, outside perspective on whatever business-related matters arise. Mentors are supposed to have more experience that you have, which allows you to gain wisdom from what they have been through, both the good and the bad.

mentorYou never know when one conversation, one piece of advice or one suggestion could change the course of your business and, ultimately, your life. All small business owners should have mentors, someone who is not their mother and someone who will add value to their experience as entrepreneurs. Make sure that the input you are receiving is from a knowledgeable and trusted source, and if you are not receiving any input or guidance from a mentor, maybe you should be.

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