Nature Is Already Showing Signs Of Winter


The official start of winter isn’t until December 21st, and with many areas of the country seeing unseasonably warm temperatures, some people simply aren’t prepared for the coming winter months. Those who live in warm climates may not have to make many changes or preparations for winter, but for others, the winter season is a big deal that requires a lot of planning. If you notice wildlife and their seasonal activities, they have already started making many preparations for winter and are probably much more ready than most humans.

Signs of the impending season

If you pay attention to the birds and squirrels, you may notice that they seem to be anxious as cold weather approaches. Squirrels and other animals store away food in preparation for the coming months when resources are scarce. Birds will visit feeders and forage more frequently to get extra calories in preparation for dropping temperatures. Other types of wildlife prepare nests and warm beds, so they have a nice place to sleep during cold nights. You can help them out by providing feeders, nesting materials and safe places for them to eat in your yard away from predators.

What should you do to prepare?

The level of preparation needed depends on where you live. Warmer climates mean much less is needed, and those who live in warm areas may not take much notice of the seasonal changes. If you live in an area with a lot of snow and ice, be sure your tires are safe for icy conditions and your car is fully stocked in case you get stranded. It’s also important to stock up on fuel to heat your home and be prepared with some shelf-stable foods, plenty of water and a way to cook in case you have to suffer through a power outage.

Winter can be beautiful, especially when snow is falling, but cold weather can also be a hassle and can make for dangerous conditions on roadways. Take cues from local wildlife and prepare for winter emergencies. If you have the space for it, you can add some feeders in your yard to help out the birds and squirrels until spring returns.

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