Nature Hacks to Discover Life’s Purpose 

There is no denying it — the outside can be messy. Bugs can be a nuisance, dirt and mud can worm their way into shoes, and, at times, the sun can be an unforgiving ally. But beyond these inconveniences, nature is an uninhibited escape, and, for some, a place for inner discovery.

In a world dominated by the Internet, TV and smart phones that buzz constantly with alerts, it is no wonder that so many people struggle to truly understand what their purpose in life is. Distractions are everywhere, all constantly clawing and begging for attention. When that soft tone buzzes in another alert from the smart phone, it is typically hard to say “no.”

Nature provides an escape from these distractions. There is no wi-fi, no televisions and no deep voices crooning through speakers at a coffee shop. Ready to put this distraction-free environment to your advantage? Try out these nature hacks.

  1. Go hill rolling. If your usual sledding hills are bare from the warmer winter temperatures, put it to good use for another purpose. Make sure your path is clear of dangerous debris, then lie down, cross your arms and roll!
  1. Hit the trails. Find the nearest forest or mountain and set out on an exploratory hike. Pack plenty of water and sunscreen and take along a notebook. Find a nice place to sit along the trail and spend some quality time with your mind. Write down any and everything that comes to mind.
  1. Lace up your running shoes. Most runners now use smart phone apps to track their run distance and measure their average mile time. At least once, leave the phone and earbuds at home, and let your mind wander while your feet pound the pavement. You might be surprised what you discover about yourself while your body is busy with physical activity.

Smart phones have undoubtedly added significant value to our daily lives, but there is something integral that is lost when surrounded by an endless stream of distractions. For a few minutes at least, turn the phone off and try out a nature hack to not only better understand yourself but also your purpose.

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