Muzio’s Founder Utilizes Love of Travel for Business Success


Muzio — an app development company — thrives by remaining open to new and innovative ideas for the mobile platform. CEO and founder Reshma Chattaram Chamberlin helps foster that company-wide attitude from her own love of traveling, which often places her in the midst of new and exciting cultures. Prior to starting Muzio, Chamberlin spent time as both an app developer and manager for large groups of web developers, positions that took her all over the world.

Perhaps, one of the most remarkable aspects of Muzio’s start-up was that Chamberlin and her partner were able to fund the project entirely by themselves. Without any commitments to investors, she was able to exercise her best-judgment and skills to design Muzio and its very first app — Muzio app — in such a way that allows for

continual improvement and innovation as the company faces different challenges or new ideas arise.

Chamberlin acknowledges that others may be quick to dole out advice or opinions to entrepreneurs who are ready to strike out on their own, something she is quick to caution other entrepreneurs about. Chamberlin believes that prospective entrepreneurs can gain much more by paying careful attention to their own instincts and experiences. Her success is due in part to realizing that no one person has all the answers, and she has built an extremely successful career out of primarily relying on her own skills.

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