Moving From Side Gig To Full-Time In Copywriting

side gig

Many people take on side gigs to bring in a little extra income. Working online in copywriting is a very popular side gig for many reasons. You can usually choose your hours and can work when and where it’s convenient for you. But this convenience often comes with the drawback of not having a full-time position and the benefits that come along with it. Moving into a full-time copywriting position can be done if you want more hours, more structure, and benefits.

Finding full-time positions

The easiest way to find a full-time position in copywriting is to inquire about your options with your current employer. They may be open to offering you a full-time position or at least give you the opportunity to take on more hours or more clients. Using online networking sites can connect you with employers or others in copywriting who can help you find what you’re looking for. A quick search through an online job listing website allows you to sort by job type, salary, location, and other variables to find a position with the hours, pay, and benefits you want. 

What to expect

Working part-time as a copywriter usually means you don’t have access to benefits like worker’s compensation, health insurance, and paid time off. Most full-time positions will offer these benefits, but the way you work may change once you move to full-time. These positions often have more structure when it comes to the hours you must work per week, meaning less flexibility with your schedule. You may be paid by the hour, by the job, or paid a yearly salary depending on the terms of your employment. 

Many people find joy in writing and are talented writers who thrive in the copywriting field. It’s common to work part-time in copywriting as a way to earn some extra money or have a flexible job with convenience that’s not available in many full-time positions. But if you want more structure and want the benefits of working full-time in copywriting, there are plenty of opportunities out there. 

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