Memes — A Good Tool For Gaining Attention Online

If you’ve surfed Facebook or scrolled through Instagram, you have almost certainly seen a meme. These are photos, usually comical, with text overlaid on them that makes a funny or sarcastic statement. Memes are very much a part of online and social media culture, and it’s okay for businesses to use them to get more attention, engage with followers and even get a few laughs along the way. They may seem a little irreverent and slightly unprofessional — and that’s kind of the point. What better way to build a strong following than to show your company has a sense of humor?

While using a meme may seem like groundbreaking territory for your marketing campaign, it may help for you to note that many businesses have started noticing the benefit of memes and using them as well. One way that a simple picture can help your business is that it can build a bridge between you and your target customer, especially if that target customer is younger. It can make your company seem more accessible and open to conversation, which is an attractive quality for many potential clients.

Whether they realize it or not, may followers and consumers are looking for business to offer them something as far as engaging with them goes. While this often means sales or discounts, it sometimes means entertainment. When a meme can make a person stop and laugh, he or she will be more likely to share that photo from your Facebook page. This leads to more engagement, more people seeing your company name and, hopefully, more followers. Interjecting humor into how your company uses social media will set your business apart from the many others trying to get attention on Facebook and Instagram.

Memes are very popular right now, so this is a golden opportunity for you to try them out and see how they work. Chances are that you will be pleasantly surprised how far a little humor and levity can go when it comes to the success of your online marketing campaign.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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