Marketing for the Future: Tactics for 2014 and Beyond

The world of advertising and marketing looks much different than the popularized versions seen on TV. Many consumers do not believe in traditional marketing and up to 50 percent will rely on customer reviews and advice from friends instead. Many others will use the power of the internet to research a product and all of its competitors before making their purchase. With so many options and a generally dismissive consumer base, how does a marketing campaign gain traction?

For marketing content to be successful in 2014, it must do a few important things very well. Your content should be well researched and honest. It should be optimized for mobile technology. Content should also seek to communicate with consumers and make them a part of your company’s fan base. Selective multi-channel marketing content should be used, but with a specific client base in mind.

Moving Towards Mobile

Though the majority of internet users still surf the internet with a laptop or personal computer, about 40 percent use smartphones, tablets and other mobile tech instead. As mobile internet access improves, so will the number of people participating in ecommerce and digital consumption. To succeed, your marketing must adapt to be useful on mobile platforms.

Using marketing tools that are relevant and optimized for mobile tech will be essential to the continued growth of your company. Since approximately 25 percent of businesses do not believe that digital marketing is worth the investment, there is plenty of room for your mobile-friendly marketing to succeed.

Can You Prove It?

A common reason for a marketing campaign failure is a lack of evidence for product excellence. In other words, your marketing does not provide any information about why your product is the best and how it gotten to be that way.

Research shows that pretty much every consumer wants more information about the products they use than ever before. They want to know that their goods are safe to use, were ethically made and that other consumers were happy with the product. If your marketing at least acknowledges your customers’ need for information, then it has the potential to be highly effective…especially if competitors fail to do the same.

The Warm & Fuzzies

People will probably always be ruled by their emotions. That is why this section focuses on the importance of marketing that encourages an emotional attachment to your brand. For example, Subaru has a marketing campaign that focuses on the phrase “They Lived.” Videos of smashed up Subarus are played followed by an incredulous bystander saying “They Lived.”

This approach is successful because it highlights the quality and safety of the vehicle while telling a compelling story with a happy ending. Marketing plans that inspire emotion like this can be incredibly effective. Analysis of consumer feedback shows that customers seek out content that makes them feel like they a part of something special. Consumers want to relate to the products, so it is essential to create content that satisfies that need.

Multi-Channel Marketing

This term sounds complicated, but all it really means is that there are many ways to market these days and an effective marketing campaign will use several of them simultaneously! Consumers get their information from all kinds of places, so it is important to have a well-rounded market presence. However, too much information in too many places can become tedious for potential clients, so it is also important not to flood every available channel.

So, when your amazing and brand new product is announced, an effective marketing strategy could involve a digital press release, a short 30 to 40 second ad optimized for mobile platforms, product introduction via your website and an active blog focused on relevant industry or company information. Having a variety of ways to interact with your brand is key to growing your revenue, so don’t be afraid to try new ways of marketing.

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