Managing Expectations, Delivering Results


One of the most important skills for any business owner is the ability to reasonably manage expectations. Customers and clients expect to get what they paid for, and sometimes they expect more than that as well. While you want to deliver what you promised, you also do not want to set expectations so high that you cannot possibly hope to meet them. It’s critical to manage reasonable expectations while overdelivering on quality.

First, you have to remember not to overpromise results when negotiating or speaking with a client. Don’t agree to things that are not profitable for you or worth your time simply to make a sale. Meet the expectations that you laid out for your customers, giving them what they paid for in a timely manner. Overdeliver in terms of service and the quality of the final product or service. This likely won’t cost you much, and you will be more likely to have a repeat client.

Set standards for yourself and your company, and stick to them. Commit to quality, and be up front with your customers about what they should expect. When a customer believes he or she was deceived in some way during the sales process, even if it was unintentional or a miscommunication, it will be very difficult to get that business back. Clear communication about what your pricing includes is crucial, as is consistency in prices and quality from transaction to transaction.

Setting your customers and clients up with reasonable expectations starts at the moment they reach out to you. Be honest and upfront, but also strive to provide a quality experience from beginning to end. You can please your customers by clearly communicating what you will do and by overdelivering on quality and the overall pleasantness of the experience.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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