Making The Most Of 24 Hours

Everyone is allotted the same 24 hours in a day, the same days in a week and the same months in a year. Although every person is given the same amount, the main difference is in how time is used. The most successful people, from stay-at-home moms to CEOs, understand that some of the main components of success lie in time management and wise use of every second of the day.

William Penn once said, “Time is what we want most but use worst.” This rings true for many people as they are lying in bed at the end of the day, staring at ceiling and wondering where their day went. Instead of wishing for more hours in the day, perhaps it is best to aim for a paradigm shift toward using time in a more productive manner. Time management can allow an individual to accomplish more and meet career demands with less stress.

Effective time management is a goal that can be reached through organization, focus and patience. This task is especially important in the business world. Imagine if you, as a business owner/operator/manager could go home at the end of the day, knowing that you had completed all necessary tasks and had a completely productive work day. The ability to effectively manage every hour of the day can result in higher productivity, higher profits and more family time.

Time management is not a skill that always comes easily, but the following are certain tips that may be useful:

  • Make a calendar of all appointments and important dates. It is useful to see a visual representation of a schedule.
  • Schedule every task, including time to check email, eat lunch and return phone calls. This may help you see which tasks take too long and where time is wasted throughout the day.
  • Include a “Do Not Disturb” time every day for a concentrated period of intense focus in order to complete small tasks in a short amount of time.
  • Determine that mundane distractions, such as Facebook or text messaging about non-important issues, do not take away from valuable work time.

There is immense value in using time wisely. It can provide for a more productive relationship with clients and can dramatically improve the quality of your time spent at work.

Do you “bring work home” almost every night? Are you overwhelmed by the sheer number of tasks on your “to do” list? It  may be useful to seek assistance from a professional who can not only provide an evaluation of your schedule, but provide time management training. You are gifted with the same amount of time as everyone else. Set yourself up for success by using your time fruitfully.





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