Establishing a new business can be an enormous leap toward financial independence. Even though the vast majority of entrepreneurs truly love and enjoy what they do, does that automatically mean that they also find purpose in it?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is often NO.

However, that does not necessarily mean that things have to stay that way. While most people likely feel that they have a single, large purpose in life (such as serving others or creating a helpful product), this can neglect the myriad of other smaller purposes that might drive a person and his or her personal goals. After all, it is not one, large act that represents a person’s purpose in life, but the combination of smaller instances that accrue over time.

Many of these smaller acts can have a big impact. An extra 15 minutes spent training an employee or giving a certain worker a chance to develop his or her talents on a special project may seem insignificant from afar, but for those whose purpose is to help others succeed, it can be the fuel that drives them to wake up and strive for excellence each day.

No matter what line of work an entrepreneur sets out on or what his or her service and products entail, part of working and living in your purpose is simply finding the aspects of life where you can apply it. When this becomes a daily habit, working within your own purpose can become the easiest and most enjoyable part of the day, even if the situation is not otherwise ideal.

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