How To Make Your Work Relationships Actually Work

work relationships

The relationships that you have with your co-workers and people with whom you do business are important, but it can seem nearly impossible to make these key relationships function properly when two parties simply do not get along. Whether it is a one-sided annoyance or sharp disagreements over vital issues, making your work relationships work can be exhausting. While it makes life much easier when you get along with these individuals, it may be good to hear that you can actually disagree or just plain old-fashioned not like a person and still do business. Here’s how:

  • Keep the main thing, the main thing. Good relationships with co-workers, business partners and contacts are wonderful, and they can improve both the success and culture of your workplace. However, the ultimate goal is to do business, so when no other common ground is there, simply focus on your business goals in a polite and professional manner. As hard as it is to believe, and as much as you may want to just give someone a piece of your mind, remember that getting along is not always a prerequisite to doing business.
  • Let work stay at work. Stewing over something for hours or days on end only makes things much worse than they actually are. Whether you had an out-and-out disagreement with someone or simply cannot deal with that guy who always comes back from lunch with something weird stuck in his teeth, it’s almost always better to just let it go. Ranting to your date over dinner about work issues or venting online is almost never necessary and is almost always harmful. Don’t dwell on it, don’t gossip and don’t be unprofessional….and for crying out loud, never put anything online that you would be embarrassed to read later.
  • Look people in the eye; show respect. This is a lost concept for many people in today’s world, but you can be kind and respectful to everyone, despite deep ideological differences or even simple personality differences. Looking someone in the eye and treating people with kindness is, hands down, the simplest and most effective way to move past issues and disagreements. Be nice, do what you need to do and move on—it’s easy!

You will not always get along with everyone in your professional circle, and that’s okay. Learn how to navigate these matters by maintaining a professional demeanor and keeping your eyes on the goal, whatever that may be. Work relationships won’t always be perfect, but they should certainly never stand in the way of doing good business or meeting your next goal.

By Meagan Kerlin by Vertu Marketing LLC

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