Make Your First Impression Count

first impression

First impressions are incredibly important, often setting the tone for the relationship. In the business world, making a strong first impression is important for your success, allowing to you make connections and network effectively. It’s smart to have a game plan when meeting new business contacts, and it’s just as smart to work on how to approach people, introduce yourself and initiate conversations. The first moments of a conversation matter, from a firm handshake to initial greetings, and you should know how to make them count.

One of the hallmarks of making a good first impression is your appearance. You do not have to possess movie star good looks to make a positive first impression, but you should be intentional and prepared. Your attire does not matter as much as your demeanor — look confident, kind and personable. Another way you can ensure you start your business conversations in the right way is to pay attention to your posture. When sitting, sit up straight, look people in the eyes and keep focused on what the other person is saying.

The impression you give people when you meet them for the first time can color their viewpoint on you, what you say, what you are selling and your business. People need to know you care and are connecting with what they are saying. Make it clear, even in the first moments of the conversation, that you are paying attention and genuinely care.

One of the most important ways you can give people the right impression about you and your business right away is to demonstrate trustworthiness. Your attitude and entire demeanor can demonstrate that you are genuine, honest and concerned about the needs of the other party. Don’t approach conversations with the viewpoint of making a sale, but instead, approach these conversations as an opportunity to make new connections and help others. This perspective of “others first” will be apparent to the other person, and it is often one of the strongest and most effective ways to make a good first impression.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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