Let Instagram Stories Help You Build Your Brand

Instragram stories

If you use Instagram at all, you have probably noticed the small circles at the top of your newsfeed. Each circle represents a profile that you follow, and when you click on one, you will be able to view that person’s Instagram stories. These “stories” are very short videos, pictures, boomerang videos, time-lapse and slow-motion videos, and more. Users have the option to add graphics, text and even embed hashtags and links within each “story”. If you aren’t familiar with this new feature on Instagram, you should explore this option next time you sign on. Instagram stories is a great way to show some personality and build your brand in an easy, non-intimidating format.

Instagram stories offers an excellent platform for visual storytelling. Very similar to the way some companies use Snapchat, IG stories is a great way to offer small glimpses into the way your company operates. By showing personality and telling the story of your business through these short videos or pictures, you can better engage your followers on this social media platform.

Storytelling is a key component to building your brand. You need to offer your customers and followers a way to emotionally and visually connect with your company. Not only is this good for your bottom line if more people buy your products, it can also elevate the perceived worth of your business and your products in the eyes of your followers. Essentially, Instagram stories is a free way to boost your digital marketing strategy and build better brand recognition and loyalty.

While it is informal and approachable, you should still be producing quality content for your IG stories. Whether you are showing off new products, providing a “behind the scenes” glimpse into your business or educating about your services, what you post matters. Be thoughtful, but have fun, and if you aren’t already using Instagram stories for the benefit of your business, consider employing this tool to tell your story — your followers will listen.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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