What is fire without heat, or a bulb without light? The answer? Well, not much. The same goes for entrepreneurial ventures without purpose.

Perhaps, not surprising to some, an individual’s purpose in life is often related to his or her hopes and dreams. Unfortunately, dreams get downplayed a little too often once people enter adulthood and are instead relegated to Disney World and children with big, wide eyes and a hope for the world. Instead of squashing that dream in pursuit of a more sensible future, entrepreneurs can relight their dreams while simultaneously discovering (or perhaps rediscovering) their purposes.

With dreams come purpose.
Still not convinced to follow your dreams? Children often dream of what appears to be comically stereotypical futures. One kid wants to be a veterinarian, another wants to be an astronaut and another a doctor. Pretty generic, right? But, the reasons and motivations behind those dreams often reveal a deeply burning purpose that is perhaps igniting for the first time. The first child is not dreaming of becoming a veterinarian because puppies are cute, but he or she is doing so because helping animals brings joy. The kid dreaming of being a doctor just wants to help people in any way he or she can. And what about that astronaut with his or her eyes on the stars? Maybe he or she understands that someone needs to give hope to the world.

So, what was it that you dreamed of becoming when you were small? A scientist, an artist or maybe even a football player? Resist the urge to brush aside those desires when embarking down the path of entrepreneurship, because even when you were little, your purpose was trying to guide you.

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