Learning from Her Mistakes Crystal Paine Built Successful Blog Readership

In 2004, Crystal Paine knew that she had to find a way to support her goal of staying at home with her soon-to-be-born first child. Already well versed in the art of living on a budget (a skill that she credits her mother for teaching her), she embarked into the world of online blogging. She had one goal, to help other parents reach their own money-saving goals. Although her readership for MoneySavingMom grew quickly and she began to monetize various aspects of her blog, the road to success was not exactly seamless.

Paine had failed to realize just how much time and energy was actually needed to run a successful blog that also turned a healthy profit. The job that she had once envisioned as part-time soon grew to encompass much of her life, and her days as a stay-at-home mom became more about the blog and less about her children.

Ready for a change, Paine learned that she could not take on every new opportunity that arose and that bringing on help is often necessary. Her frugal ways initially prevented her from hiring any employees, but extra hands proved to be priceless for striking the right balance between home and work life. She detailed the changes that she implemented in her personal and business life in Say Goodbye to Survival Mode.

Many online entrepreneurs start their business from their own homes, which from an economical standpoint is often a valid option. However, as Paine of MoneySavingMom soon discovered, without a detailed business plan that includes a budget of time and activities, business activities can easily spiral out of hand. Fortunately, a failure to take this initial step does not mean that a business has no chance of ever being successful. Paine took the opportunity to learn from her mistakes, subsequently implementing necessary changes that helped her blog become more successful than ever.

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