How To Learn The Give And Take Of Negotiation


Regardless of the specific job you have or type of business you own, you will have to master the art of negotiation. You may not think that your job requires you to negotiate, but ultimately, you have to figure out how to convince people to do what you want them to do. Whether that is your employees, your partners or your prospective customers, you have to communicate clearly and work for a positive outcome. You may not be in literal negotiations, but it is helpful to learn how to be persuasive when it is necessary.

Learning how to negotiate is not about manipulating circumstances or people. Negotiation is about learning how to communicate well, get your point across to the other party and pursue a beneficial outcome to your situation. In the give-and-take of communicating with others, it’s important to remember to focus on persuading the other party, not pushing the other party. Forcing others to see things your way or pressuring people to make a decision or spend money is ultimately not healthy for your business. Even the best communicators strike out sometimes. Your job is to attempt to persuade, not steamroll people.

There is a certain skill to negotiating and persuading people to do what you want. These skills are particularly handy when dealing with difficult clients, stubborn partners or intimidating sales pitches. There is an art to leading conversations and presenting your case, even while engaging with others and listening to the other party. It is also important to remember that negotiation involves give and take, and you will likely have to make concessions and comprises on your way to a reasonable negotiated agreement.

Negotiating is difficult, and regardless of what your specific day-to-day obligations require, it’s a beneficial skill to have. These skills can help carry you through difficult professional relationships and help you take steps that are necessary for the good of your company.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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