Leaders Are Tested During Times Of Crisis


The pandemic that has swept the globe, disrupted markets, closed schools and sent people hiding in their homes has led to difficulty for everyone. No one has been exempt from the effects of the virus, and now many people are working from home, schooling their kids at home and trying to run businesses from their homes. If you are a leader in any capacity, this crisis has probably tested you beyond anything you’ve experienced before.

Leadership is difficult even in easy times, but it’s especially challenging during times of crisis. This is a time that will probably make or break you as a leader, and one thing you’ll have to do to survive is be innovative. Flexibility, willingness to think outside the box and a positive perspective can help you get through these next few months. If there is ever a time to rely on innovation, it’s now.

Innovation during a time of crisis doesn’t necessarily mean you have to create new products or services to wow your customer base. It may simply mean that you need to figure our creative ways to continue what you are already doing. Through various platforms such as Zoom and Skype, you may have to alter how you communicate with your clients and co-workers. Think outside the box on ways you can over communicate, as this will offer both your clients and your team assurance and a sense of connection.

As a leader, you have to establish the habits that you want your team members to have. This can be especially difficult for those who cannot work together in person. If you’re working from home, set a schedule for yourself and your team. Have team calls at set times, respond to emails promptly and keep on top of things. You have to work hard if you want others to work hard during a crisis– even if you are working from home. This is where innovative thinking will come into play. How can you lead, encourage and inspire from afar?

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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