Late Summer May Be The Best Time To Restock Your Office Supplies

office supplies

During back-to-school season, many commonly used office supplies are considerably cheaper than other times of the year. You may think that only school supplies like crayons and glue are on sale, but if you look at the sales, you can find some great deals on other supplies that most people need for their home office or for professional settings.

Where to look

Back-to-school season is a huge deal to big box retailers. They want people in the stores to buy as much as possible, which is why they often have great sales on basic office supplies. Look for copy paper, pens, notebooks and sticky notes. Think of the things you reach for every day while working and you can probably find a great deal on those items in late summer and early fall. Sometimes, big box stores offer better deals than buying these items in bulk. Office supply stores also have great sales during this time of year, and they may be a better option if you need to buy a lot of any one item.

Loss leaders can save a lot of money

A loss leader is an item priced at or below what the retailer paid for it. They price these items cheaply and advertise them to get you in the door. But be aware that not all sale items are loss leaders so it’s usually best to shop around at different retailers if you’re able, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

Shop for big-ticket items

Office furniture, electronics and other big-ticket office must-haves may be significantly discounted in the last weeks of summer and into early fall. Storage containers of all sizes can also be found cheaply during back-to-school sales. Check the ads of your local office supply stores to see if they offer any specials. If you can wait until later in the fall, many of these large items will be further discounted in an attempt to clear space for next season’s merchandise.

Office supplies can be expensive, but they are essential for people who work at home and for businesses of all types. During back-to-school sales, you can find many office supplies, and they are likely significantly cheaper than other times of the year. Restock your office during these times to prevent overpaying or running out of the essentials you need.

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