Keep your Wealth on Track with the Right Frame of Mind

street signs in a tangle of highways

Just how much can the right frame of mind influence future wealth? It might play a larger role than many people think. Indeed, keeping both eyes on the goal of building wealth through a successful business venture is perhaps one of the most underrated and underutilized techniques for realizing the true wealth potential of a startup.

While this certainly does not mean that business owners should sit back, kick their feet up and wait for their envisioned wealth to drop into their lap, it does mean that taking the time to visualize a goal is needed. What milestones will be hit along the way? Where should the business be at certain time intervals to remain on track?

A million little things often seem to draw the attention of a founder or owner of a brand new business, and it can be frighteningly easy to start veering off track toward a goal while dealing with the hundredth problem in a single morning.

So what’s one of the best ways to stay on target for that goal?


Okay, in the beginning there might not be the immediate funds to bring in the needed help, but as soon as the money is available, get the help and get it immediately. With managers, supervisors and, when necessary, assistants are caring for and managing the day-to-day minor details, an owner can keep his or her mind on the big picture and the final goal — growing wealth. Otherwise, business owners can find themselves plugging away day after day with their minds wandering dangerously far off the paths to their dreams of success and financial independence.

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