The world is full of critics. Everywhere you turn on social media, someone is shouting an opinion, giving a political rant or blasting a company for a negative customer service experience. Bad deals, an unfortunate financial decision or a minor setback can knock the wind right our of your sails. Many days, it may seem like there is no end to the discouragement. As a small business owner, fighting tooth and nail to break into a heavily saturated market, it is easy to become overwhelmed, burdened and frustrated to the point you may be ready to give up.

When you have these moments–and you will–take a look at the heart of your business. Remember why you started this process and remember that your goals may not be so far out of reach. Upset by an interaction with one customer? Talk to others and find out what you are doing right. Chances are people will have many positive things to say about your business.

If you are feeling discouraged, reflect on what your company has accomplished so far. Remember how good it felt to provide a job for another person or have a positive impact on a client? By focusing on the positive, you can see beyond temporary circumstances and move forward toward your next goal.

Finally, if there is a problem, take care of it. If there is a source to the consistent issues, problems and discouragement you are facing, find it and deal with it. Is a certain product failing, costing you time and money? Are you unable to successfully manage your company’s social media presence? Whatever it is, reevaluate and get the help you need to alleviate the problem. A simple evaluation may lead to fewer bad days and less discouragement–which is always worth the effort.

Keep your chin up! Better days are ahead.

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