Just Enough Motivation To Get Through The Day

Do you ever have a hard time finishing tasks? Do you find yourself checking Twitter, scrolling through the Facebook newsfeed or shopping online instead of completing your work in a timely manner? We live in a world of distraction and constant connectivity. A thousand voices clamor for our attention at all times, making it quite difficult to shut down the extra noise and simply focus on the task at hand.

Why is it so difficult to find the motivation to buckle down and finish work? A lack of motivation can be related to many things–exhaustion, stress, personal issues unrelated to work or a lack of self discipline. In fact, a healthy dose of self discipline can be the perfect solution for those who cannot focus. But, where does it come from? Fortunately, cultivating self discipline is an art form of sorts, and is one that can be developed and perfected with practice. If you need to develop better habits for your work day, consider some of the following practices:

  • Set a specific time every day to check email and browse social media
  • Set a timer for each task that needs to completed, challenge yourself to “beat the clock”
  • Exit out of your Internet browser and only open for work-related needs
  • Schedule a half-hour in the middle of the day to make phone calls, browse the internet and mentally regroup
  • Stop making excuses for wasting time

With a little practice, it is possible to dig deep and muster up the motivation needed to finish that project, that blog or whatever it is that requires your attention–or maybe even find just enough motivation to make it through the day.

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