Jeff Walker Strikes Gold with Internet Alchemy

Before Jeff Walker founded Internet Alchemy, he and his family were more than just a little stressed about their finances; they were barely covering the grocery bill. So what drove him to $20 million of success? According to Walker, “He who dares, wins,” a saying from the British Special Forces helped drive his success. To even have the chance to successfully start his own company, Walker knew that he had to stop dreaming and start doing.

Although he was a stay-at-home father at the time, Walker spent a significant amount of time studying the stock market, and he understood what it took to be successful when buying and trading. Within this, he had both his product and his target market: stock market advice for less-informed online users.

On Internet Alchemy’s very first day, Walker sent out 19 emails advertising his services. Each day he sent out more and more until, gradually, customers began subscribing.

Walker credits his own unique abilities, business relationships and patience as helping shape and craft Internet Alchemy. He understood not only what his skills were, but he also took the extra time and effort to truly understand what he could offer that was unique to him and not offered by any of his competitors. Even today, Walker still spends three days a week taking time to reflect on this premise. However, the time spent on introspection does not mean he snubbed other people. In fact, he did exactly the opposite and threw himself head first into the business world. Those relationships helped score Alchemy many of its clients and the vast majority of its traffic.

Lastly, Walker was patient. He knew that with his unique product and with the relationships he had built that success was inevitable, but it would not be immediate. Logically, most business owners realize that the idea of becoming an overnight success is not rooted in reality, but it can be difficult to ignore the emotional desire to wake up and find that all that hard work has instantly paid off.

Internet Alchemy’s overwhelming achievements are no doubt the product of Walker’s business-savvy and dedication to his craft.

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