Countless people have strong and varying opinions concerning the meaning of life, but ultimately, the answer to this mystery is mostly out of reach. There is no need to be too bummed out over this, however, as individuals can still search for (and discover!) their own purpose in life.

Not sure if your life has any meaning? Chances are you just have not found it yet. The first thing you need to do is:

Stop using your brain.

Humans have the extraordinary ability to exercise critical thinking and pattern recognition skills that are, no doubt, exceedingly important in the business world, but this ability can be downright useless for other tasks.

When on a path to discover your true purpose, consider focusing on feelings and pure emotion. Compare what truly fills you with joy to what leaves you feeling merely placated.

If you are on your path to discovering your purpose online, you may want to hop out of your chair because:

You need to get moving.

Frustrated after still not knowing your purpose? In all likelihood, you are probably overthinking things, which is frustrating and only leads to ineffective stressing and contemplation. So, get up, get outside and move around. Does a rainy day have you holed up inside your home? Try reading a book or attempting a new recipe. As long as it gives your mind a break, whatever activity you choose is fine, and when you return to the journey to discover your purpose, you will likely be able to spot cleared paths that, although now obvious, were previously shrouded in doubt.

Even if the majority of people cannot agree on what the overarching meaning of life is, developing an understanding of what your purpose in life is can be a tremendously useful and intimate tool to help guide you through the ups and downs of not only the world of business and entrepreneurship, but of life as well.

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